TCR on Uniswap

Great news for TCR traders on Uniswap. We have increased the liquidity pool to $1,200,000!

Furthermore, we have added ERC-20 TecraCoins to the exchange, and the full supply of coins now amounts to 1,000,000 TCR. As this is the upper limit we set for this exchange, no more TCR will be added to Uniswap in the future. Find out more about our tokenomics under this link:

How Do You Actually Generate Benefits Using the Tecra Ecosystem?

Every project launching a fundraising campaign issues its own tokens, which we refer to as project tokens. While fundraising is running, tokens can be purchased using our TecraCoin cryptocurrency and ETH/USDT to support the project. The project token represents the proof of agreement with the creator, as well as carries crypto-capital value. This is because tokens represent early-stage startups and will be tradable on our decentralized Tecra DEX exchange at the beginning of 2022. Project creators are also contracted to spend a certain amount of their revenue to repurchase tokens from the market once the project enters the commercialization stage.

Revolution on the crowdfunding market

Tecra gives you a unique chance to invest in technological projects and promising startup ideas listed on its crowdfunding platform Tecra Space. Through the implementation of blockchain solutions, such as tokenization, smart contracts, NFT, original cryptocurrency TecraCoin, DEX, and many more. The project strives to provide a next-level experience for those interested in getting the most out of the world of crypto. Find out how you can profit from investing your crypto assets in early-stage businesses and innovative projects with Tecra Space.

Tecra’s Next Level Crowdfunding

Tecra is a high-technology startup company active in the blockchain ecosystem. The innovative model offered by the company…

Crowdfunding revolution on Tecra Spaj

The beta version of our platform launched in September 2020. During these few months, our site went through massive changes, we learned from our mistakes and developed the best conditions to create an effective platform for tokenizing ideas. And now we can share the great news with you — the MVP of the Tecra Space crowdfunding platform has just been launched! This means that our project is ready to come out of beta, and the first campaign is starting its fundraising. …

#ChainMeNow is a series of interviews created by the Tecra team, featuring representatives from the blockchain world. They will present this market from different perspectives. Each interview ends with a bunch of quick questions and answers. The series begins with Przemyslaw Karda, an entrepreneur, former soldier, author of bestseller and founder of Tecra.

#ChainMeNow interviews

We would like to start with a question about Big Brother (a Polish reality show). How come that a person who starred in a Polish reality show is now supporting and improving new technology?

Big Brother was an experiment and an escape from technology. Forced retreat from phones (yes, I have several of them — Polish numbers, Chinese and others that are needed in an international team) and computers. It took me one week to realize that I’m not addicted to technologies (laughs).

When did you become involved in the world of cryptocurrencies? What was the key moment?

The story is a bit like a movie plot. I had to leave the Polish Army, and something had to be done. After a year of struggling with life outside the service, dealing with hardships, I had some strong and clear dreams related to Bitcoin, which I was interested in even…


Along with the rise of digital currencies in the past decade or so, more and more digital currency exchanges have become available on the market. The majority of these exchanges are centralised exchanges, but the times are changing. As technology is incessantly advancing, new solutions are brought to light. DeFi are changing the worldwide market and decentralised exchanges are a promise of a new future and opportunities for traders all over the world.

Centralised Exchanges — CEX

CEXs are currently the most widely used mode of operation for cryptocurrency exchanges. …

TecraCoin Smart Deposit

For many of our users, especially those who are just starting their adventure in the world of crypto, operating masternodes may seem overly complicated and intimidating. That’s why Tecra offers a much simpler alternative to increasing your TCR capital. TecraCoin Smart Deposit is a staking service that allows you to multiply your coins completely effortlessly. Unlike masternodes, this service requires no specialist knowledge. Even beginners can set up their first deposit with just a few clicks.

What are smart contracts and how do they work?

Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts between the two or more sides (for example the buyer and the seller) in a transaction. In other words, they are a computer code that runs on a decentralised network and automatically executes all parts of an agreement. Whereas blockchain plays the role of a data storage and confirmation of a transaction that took place, smart contracts are used to execute the conditions that have been determined beforehand.

Smart contracts are a vital component of services that are based on the distributed ledger technology. Not only do smart contracts improve and secure transactions of…

Tecra Space

A lot has been going on at Tecra’s headquarters. Recent months have brought many new developments that might interest our community — and even more are yet to come.

Developer team

Tecra developers have recently implemented changes and introduced new features on the platform:

  • The ability to purchase TCR for ETH without the need to undergo KYC verification.
  • New payment methods — payment in fiat currencies is now possible with the use of PLN, EUR and USD. In the case of PLN, the transfer can be made with BLIK and Przelewy24.
  • Increased account security — so far we only used Google…

TCR on Uniswap

Everyday we get asked about our plans to list TecraCoin on a new exchange — we can finally share the good news! TCR is going to be listed on Uniswap at the turn of March and April!

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is one of the leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange protocols that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The exchange facilitates automated transactions of cryptocurrency tokens with the use of smart contracts. …

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