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2 min readJul 7, 2020


The cryptocurrency market is looking for its next niche, where you can earn a lot of coins.

“Masternode is cheaper than mining rigs, and you can make just as much money.”

This is how masternode is described both by people from the investor community and suppliers of equipment. So far, investing in cryptocurrencies has two most popular forms: buying them on stock exchanges and mining on their own. Today we have a way of earning TecraCoin — buying a masternode. Masternodes are the nodes in the blockchain network, which are responsible for the verification and approval of transactions. In addition, their functions include increasing the speed and security of the network.

How do Masternodes earn TecraCoins?

For keeping a masternode on the computer/server, miner gets a partial share of the blockchain prize.
In human terms: when you dig up a given cryptocurrency, you dig up the blocks. There is a reward for the block. And the part of reward goes to the miner and a part to the masternode.
And this is how you earn coins.

How do you make a Masternode in Tecra?
:) You must have a TCR wallet downloaded to your computer.
:) You must buy the number of coins required to put Masternode on it.
:) You have to set up a service and then either you have your computer running 24 hours a day and consuming both equipment and power, or… you pay for the hosting/server in a company that deals with these services and you don’t have to have your own computer running 24 hours a day non-stop.

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Full instruction on how to set up TecraCoin Masternode



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