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Introduction to our project

Tecra is a company operating in the blockchain ecosystem that was created in 2018. It specializes in investing in modern technologies. The Tecra Team has created an online platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high-end patent-protected technologies. Through the use of blockchain technology, Tecra guarantees the transparency of investments based on the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency, TecraCoin. In 2019, the project received an EU public funding grant for the development of a new version of the distributed blockchain register and a decentralized DEX exchange. Public financing of the company’s project will continue until 2023.

The Tecra company cooperates with and employs several scientists. They are working on the creation of tokenized inventions such as graphene light bulbs. Currently, the company has created several prototypes and is in the process of developing the first MVP product to enter the market. The first graphene light bulb is already lit at the Tecra headquarters. The company aims to create a production line of light bulbs with a wide range of products including home and office lighting, military lighting systems, specialized lamps(surgical, laboratory), mobile lighting systems for emergency services, and many others.

The company deals with blockchain technology and its main projects are: crypto valued TecraCoin(TCR), the global investment platform Tecra Space, the decentralized digital asset exchange Tecra DEX.

The company considers itself to be revolutionary and TecraCoin distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrencies due to its ability to allow investment into patent-based technologies. Among other things, the company focuses on investing in graphene which is a form of carbon. Graphene patented technologies are increasingly allowing the use of desired technologies and this has changed many technologies that are commonly used, for example, thermal and electrical conductivity, biocidal properties, increased sliding properties, etc. As the process of commercialization starts, the value of the currency and the investment will keep on increasing with the value of technologies. Therefore, the system is designed with a high risk, high reward mindset. The company has developed a distributed ledger system to increase the transparency of such investments using the blockchain system.

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