How to recover TCR wallet?

Many of our clients ask us how to get back their private TCR wallet in order to retake funds.

We decided to make a guide for beginners to make it easier.

Obviously if you don’t have our mobile app, you should again download it from our official website ( by choosing a dedicated version compatible with your operating system.

Actually, if you don’t have access to your wallet, you have 3 options to get back your account.

1. Recovered by using seed phrases.

For this way you have to know 12 phrases or carry them with you (sample phrases you can find on the left side of the screenshot). If you have already organized them, you can proceed with wallet recovery.

  • Enable the downloaded apps and click “Import Wallet” like in step 1 on the screenshot.
  • In field no. 2, rewrite all the phrases by separating them with a space, whether you use upper or lower case letters.
  • In the third step, you should click ‘Import” to validate your seed phrases.
  • Congratulations! Your wallet is already recovered, now you can use our products!
TCR Wallet recovery phrase

If you don’t remember or have lost your seed phrases don’t worry.

2. Extended Private Key.

For this way you have to know your Extend Private Key. You can find how to generate the code on the screenshot below*

  • Firstly move to settings, next to your wallet.
  • Secondly in the advanced tab press “Extend Private Key”
  • Next you have to save the Extend Private Key by tapping in the “Copy to clipboard” button.

*remember that to generate the code you have to think about it before you lose access to your TCR wallet.

TCR Wallet extended private key

If you already have your Extended Private Key, you can proceed with TCR wallet:

  • Next step is pasting the key in the field no.3 (the same place that we used to recover by seed phrases).
  • In the fourth step, you should click ‘Import” to validate your Extend Private Key.
  • Congratulations! Your wallet is already recovered, now you can use our products!

3. Export to the email

TCR Wallet Export

Go to the wallet settings and click “Export Wallet”. Then choose one option: “Copy to clipboard” or “Send by email”. In the both options, you will get the same text. Set up password and remember it. Save text and hide it.

TCR Wallet Backup email

When you will need to restore wallet, click “Import wallet” and select import from “FILE/TEXT”. Paste backup, type the password and import and that’s it.


In this article, the most important thing is that you must save twelve basic phrases when you register. With these words, you will never lose access to your private wallet. If you do not save these words,and you lost access, you won’t be able to use your wallet anymore. To backup your wallet you have to go in the settings section in your application, then go to the “Wallet” section and in the “Security” tab select the function “Backup” — 12 recovery phrases will appear. It is important to save these phrases, we don’t recommend you copying of the phrases neither taking a screenshot of them. In case of hacking your phone you are risking to lose the control over the funds in your wallet. It is recommended though to write down (offline) the seed phrase and keep it in the save place or simply memorize them.



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