Progress update on the graphene light bulb project

Graphene light is one of the first components that make up Tecra’s vision. Our main values are sustainable development and finding new solutions that are good for people, as well as the environment. Not only is the graphene light bulb project consistent with Tecra’s ideals, but it also is expected to have high efficiency and high commercial value. Graphene, as a highly conductive material, can be used to dissipate heat. That feature applied in light bulbs makes them simultaneously brighter and much efficient. Graphene light bulbs can also be characterized by a significantly longer lifespan than other types of light bulbs (up to 35 years!).

This specific model of a light bulb is an original and state-of-the-art solution for various reasons. Despite the small size and lower wattage, the bulb is exceptionally light efficient. The light bulb’s prototype has the potential of becoming the leading edge in the industry owing to the combination of the model’s innovative design and its unprecedented functionality. Our specialists are continuously working on improving the model, as well as finding new solutions to any possible obstacles to implement the project in the best way possible.

The prototype is created by Mirca Design company, with Damian Mierzwa — design manager and Marzena Ewiak — project manager.

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