Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform Tecra Space Offers Amazing Opportunities for Crypto Investors

Revolution on the crowdfunding market

Tecra’s Next Level Crowdfunding

Tecra is a high-technology startup company active in the blockchain ecosystem. The innovative model offered by the company addresses specific problems ingrained in traditional project financing — such as lack of transparency, high fees or intellectual property risk. Tecra’s revolutionary solutions can be encapsulated in one simple phrase: crowdfunding 2.0. It is a deliberate and thought-through combination of traditional crowdfunding and blockchain technology, which brings transparency to the investment process and creates a thriving environment for both entrepreneurs and investors.

A New Type of Crowdfunding Platform

Tecra Space is an innovation in the field of crowdfunding. It not only provides a platform for promising projects and startups, but also offers solutions that are not available in traditional project financing. The introduction of blockchain technology to crowdfunding has many perks, such as:

  • Automatization of investment process through implementation of smart contracts.
  • Lower fees.
  • Improved security and transparency.
  • Increased accessibility and global reach.
  • Clarity of intellectual property rights with the use of tokenization.
Investment process on Tecra Space

Simplicity of Investment on Tecra Space

Despite bringing a lot of new solutions and functionalities to the crowdfunding platform, the investment process on Tecra Space is designed to remain simple and straightforward. Tokens of the projects are obtained with the use of TCR, which in turn can be easily acquired for both cryptocurrency (USDT, ETH, BTC) and fiat money. After you are in possession of tokens, you will be able to manage them on your Tecra Space account, or exchange them on DEX once the service is available.

Become Part of Innovative Projects

Very soon the first campaigns on Tecra Space will begin their fundraising. The platform is only beginning its activity but it will provide investors with a large variety of startup and other project ideas characterized by innovation and big commercial potential.

Invest in startups via crypto



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