Smart Contracts — the future of crowdfunding

What are smart contracts and how do they work?

How can smart contracts improve crowdfunding?

  • automating the process of investment, funds allocation and withdrawal
  • no middlemen — there is no need for a third party involvement
  • increased transparency — the investors know exactly what happens to their funds when fundraising is successful or if it does not reach its goal
  • improved safety and credibility — encryption ensures that all documents are protected from any kind of interference
  • secure data storage — all the documents are stored digitally on blockchain, and the distributed ledger technology allows to secure and backup the data and therefore removes the risk of data loss
  • reliability — smart contracts are much more foolproof due to the elimination of manual filling of numerous forms typical to traditional contracts
  • distributed assets — no physical parties are in control of the allocated funds; the output of your contract is validated by everyone on the network
  • immutability — once a smart contract is created it cannot be changed, so investors know exactly what is going to happen to their capital
  • speed and efficiency — smart contracts work as automated computer codes, which helps to significantly increase the time efficiency and save hours upon hours on drawing up agreements

Smart contracts on Tecra Space platform



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