TCR Wallet: how to make transaction

How to make TecraCoin transaction using mobile TCR Wallet.
Level: beginner

It’s time to sum up the basic options of the current TCR Wallet version. This time we are going to show you one of the most fascinating part of all of the wallets — transaction process. It is indeed very simply and intuitively. We are going to explain you this process step-by-step.

Receiver’s side

  1. So the first thing you do is enter your TCR Wallet (once again, we’d like to remind that you must protect the wallet in all possible ways).
  2. There will be 3 options to choose on the bottom. Obviously, as a receiver you pick the “receive” option.
  3. There will be two options of receiving the transfer, you can manage this either by copying your TCR address and sending it to your sender, or by showing the QR code.

QR code

A public key or Tecra wallet address is a long combination of letters and numbers that is difficult to remember. But thanks to the QR code, sending TCR to any wallet address will take only a few seconds. It’s a much more convenient way to send the cryptocurrency.

To send coins from your wallet you need the recipient’s address or QR code.

To request it, you need to tell your address or QR code to the sender. After the sender’s wallet reads your QR code, the coins will be sent within 2 seconds.

Sender’s side

  1. As a sender you do the opposite actions, so after choosing the wallet you want to the funds from you push the “send” button.
  2. Paste the copied TCR address and put it in the “recipient” tab or take a scan of QR code.
  3. Then enter the amount of TCR you are willing to send, take fees into consideration as well.

Add contacts

If you want to send your coins to the same users, you can add them to your contacts. In your mobile wallet, you can find the “Add Contact” section, then enter your username and add it to your permanent list. After that, this user will always be in your wallet in a visible place.

Multiple recipients

You can also send multiple users your TCR at the same time. You need to select several users at the in the “Send” section. Click “Continue” and send your coins to all the chosen ones.


During transfers between the wallets, an additional fee is charged for transaction execution. The recipient of the transaction receives the full amount, whereas from the sender’s wallet the commission is automatically charged as an additional fee. In the mobile application we can choose the type of fee.

  1. Super Economy
  • Average confirmation time: 4 hours
  • Current fee rate for this policy: 0.00000092 TCR/byte

2. Economy

  • Average confirmation time: an hour
  • Current fee rate for this policy: 0.00000122 TCR/byte

3. Normal

  • Average confirmation time: 30 minutes
  • Current fee rate for this policy: 0.00000150 TCR/byte

4. Priority

  • Average confirmation time: 20 minutes
  • Current fee rate for this policy: 0.00000150 TCR/byte

5. Urgent

  • Average confirmation time: 20 minutes
  • Current fee rate for this policy: 0.00000225 TCR/byte

Mobile Wallet TecraCoin Smart Deposit

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