Tecra — Quest for the future

Tecra to the space! We have a lot of work to do!

Currently, we are implementing a grant project worth $2.6 million.

What is our next BIG THING?
We got grant from National Centre for Research and Development large project conducted by Tecra. First of all, a research agenda was developed, on the basis of which the remaining parts of the application were based. Now, we are developing new solutions to scale up our business.

Research covers:

  • smart contracts integrated with the wallet
  • new version of distributed ledger
  • advanced blockchain browser
  • new version of the wallet
  • Investment Platform for the research projects

Investment platform for research projects
The aim of the project is to carry out industrial (applied) and development (including the pre-implementation phase) research aimed at creating a decentralized platform for the exchange of digital assets in general and patents and other intellectual property rights (IPR) in a paperless version in particular. This will be the first such solution worldwide in a defined IPR market. A large, experienced team will build on the work already carried out at Tecra, the results of which have already been initially confirmed by foreign industry experts.

Quest for the future
The project will include many pioneering studies. In the next two years, a strong core team complemented by the knowledge and experience of scientific and technical consultants will have the task of solving the research problems. The team includes professors, PhDs (including some of the best blockchain experts from Warsaw University of Technology and Polish Academy of Sciences), the staff of experienced programmers, and analysts (including as many as 3 senior blockchain developers, a mathematician, cryptographers, BigData and AI programmers).

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We’re gonna tell you more about the projects soon.