Tecra is taking part of the CEE Startup Challenge

As you know, we are developing investment platform for inventors and innovators. Now, we are participating in CEE Startup Challenge.

Tecra. Science, not fiction.
A company is currently working to release an investment platform for R&D projects that match inventors with investors. Tecra is a technology company operating in the area of blockchain and IPR that solves real world problems. The company invented a graphene bulb and owns several other patents. Tecra has also created its blockchain protocol, digital wallet and smart contracts.

CEE Startup Challenge

The competition is organized by Vestbee, the biggest platform that connects global VC funds, business angels, accelerators and corporations with startups from CEE and DACH.

An online event!

Startups from the CEE and DACH will have a chance to win 1 million euro investment from Next Road Ventures and present their business to many recognizable VC funds and corporates, such as Market One Capital, Earlybird, InnoEnergy, Credo Ventures, Tera Ventures, bValue, Engie, SABIC Ventures, PGE Ventures, EIT Digital and many others!

Special prizes and discounts on different business tools and services provided by Amazon Web Services, HubSpot, DigitalOcean, Brand 24, Revolut Business and B2RLaw, EXEQ and Avisto are waiting for the winners!

What is our project about?

We are inventing a decentralised platform for the exchange of digital assets in general and, in particular, of patents and other intellectual property rights (IPR) in a paperless version. Technically, these rights will be “visualised” by means of digital tokens held in digital portfolios, which will be exchanged through a proprietary blockchain using the new functionality of smart contracts implemented in it — on a specially developed, decentralised exchange platform. All this will ensure maximum security while minimizing the costs of system operation.

It will be the first such solution in the world on the defined IPR market. The numerous, experienced team will be based on the work already carried out at Tecra (in the basic outline), the results of which have already been preliminarily confirmed by foreign industry experts.

The problem we are going to solve
Lack of investors for the startups and platforms that effectively connect them. The platform will speed up and facilitate investment in advanced scientific projects with commercialization potential (e.g. with patents; at the projects concerning graphene technology and its applications, e.g. in the field of light) and other projects with advanced technical knowledge (e.g. presented by technology start-ups), as well as in other projects where it will be possible to locate the phenomena of the traditional world by transferring ownership rights to them to the digital world, ensuring the security of their maintenance and trading (thanks to blockchain technology). In the future, the platform will also be able to conduct fundraising and exchange of digital tokens representing various projects between people from all over the world.

Challenge timeline

July 5, 2020: Application closed

July 13–23, 2020: Jury work

July 21, 2020: 10 Finalists announced

July 23, 2020: Winners announced

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