Tecra Weekly Summary (July 6–12)

Hey, today we’re going to review the important news.


Total supply: 59,568,948 TCR
TCR price (10.07.2020): 3.20 USD

TecraCoin at Hotbit

The major news of the week is that Tecra has signed a contract with the cryptocurrency trading platform Hotbit. In the 4th quarter of 2020 our coin will be officially listed on the exchange platform (most likely in October). We are very excited about this and hope that TCR holders will get a positive experience from the trading at Hotbit. We have chosen this exchange platform as the first one, where TCRs are traded, because of its global presence and immense opportunity to access to Asian markets. This is very important from the point of view of Tecra’s business model.

The investment platform, we are currently designing, will target tokenization of scientific projects. According to a report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea are leading in the number of patents. Moreover, according to CoinGecko portal, Hotbit is one of the most trusted crypto exchanges in the world, with a ranking of “Trust Score” 9/10. Tecra’s investment platform will operate on a regulated market and the selection of trusted partners is key to its development.

You can check out our YouTube video about Hotbit with Przemysław Karda, the CEO of Tecra.

CEE Startup Challenge submission approval

"CEE Startup Challange" has accepted our application and the next week the jury will begin evaluation of the projects. Our project is to create a decentralized platform for the exchange of digital assets, in particular patents and other intellectual property rights in digital version using smart contracts. This platform will significantly facilitate the research and investment in scientific projects. It is worth reminding that the winner of the contest receives 1 million euros for the development of his projects.

The competition is organized by Vestbee, the biggest platform that connects global VC funds, business angels, accelerators and corporations with startups from CEE and DACH.

Startups from the CEE and DACH will have a chance to win 1 million euro investment from Next Road Ventures and present their business to many recognizable VC funds and corporates, such as Market One Capital, Earlybird, InnoEnergy, Credo Ventures, Tera Ventures, bValue, Engie, SABIC Ventures, PGE Ventures, EIT Digital and many others!


Polish Innovation Award

Our company was nominated in another contest "Polska Nagroda Innowacyjności" (Polish Innovation Award) conducted by the Polish Business Agency. The award recognizes the most innovative and creative universities, companies and institutions operating in Poland, whose projects are implemented in production and contribute to the development of the economy.

The Polish Innovation Award is a prestigious economic programme run by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the editors of “Forum Przedsiębiorczości” in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The award is given to the most innovative and creative universities, institutes, companies and institutions operating in Poland. These are entities whose research and development work is applied in various branches of the economy, contributing to its development.

Investment platform progress

The designing of an investment platform is continuing. Our programmers and designers are working out on the most suitable solutions for convenient and reliable use. This week we have designed website layout. It will be released in the next week.

Technical blockchain upgrades

We are working on ideas for modifying hashing algorithms. Thanks to this, we want to increase the speed and performance, which will help to enhance the security of our blockchain. We are considering the changing of the hashing algorithm from SHA256 to BLAKE2B. As we know, in 2020, almost all new computers sold on the market use 64-bit processors. In turn, our hashing BLAKE2b (or just BLAKE2) would be optimized for 64-bit platforms, including NEON-enabled ARMs — and produces digests of any size between 1 and 64 bytes BLAKE2 has been adopted by many projects due to its high speed, security, and simplicity.

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