TecraCoin at Blockchain Economic Forum!

Hello Tecra Freaks! 💙🚀

So we’re back from the US tour where we spent 10 days. We were travelling with #LaToken and participated in the #Blockchain Economic Forum in 3 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. During those days we met a lot of people from all around the world engaged in the Blockchain or Crypto industry for years. During conferences a lot of interesting topics were raised regarding different interpretations of blockchain law in the world, securities law for hackers, future for STO, VC funds on blockchain exchanges, central banks vs blockchain, future of decentralized currency etc.

As #Tecra Team we had the opportunity to present our project during conferences and private investors’s dinners. The interest with the project and white light was great. Investors were surprised we managed to go so far. Especially that within a few months we’ve created a platform that is already working, has a growing community and already first investors. The found the project very attractive as it connects blockchain with science. Our prototype — #graphene bulb was the icing on the cake. They had many questions regarding white light and its implementation in so many industries. Apart from investors we also met people who are world-wide known in the blockchain, such as #CryptoBeadles who interview experts and well-known people from the space.

All in all, for Tecra it was a very fruitful tour. Now we are back as we have a lot of meetings and things to do.

Enjoy the pictures :)