TecraCoin on the HotBit cryptocurrency exchange

Tecra Space
Nov 20, 2020

In July 2020 Tecra signed an agreement with one of the most trustworthy crypto exchanges in the world (especially in Asia) — HotBit! Officially TecraCoin will be listed on the exchange on 31 October this year. We have also launched a clock on our website, which counts down the days to that date. Signing the contract with the cryptocurrency exchange platform was an important milestone in our company. Listing on the exchange will allow our users to experience the benefits of buying and selling our Coin.

Read the article on our website https://tecra.space/news/tecracoin-on-the-hotbit-cryptocurrency-exchange

You can find the article in other languages!

Polish language https://tecra.space/pl/aktualnosci/tecracoin-na-gieldzie-hotbit

Russian language https://tecra.space/ru/novosti/tecracoin-na-birzhe-hotbit

Chinese language https://tecra.space/cn/news-cn/tcrjia-mi-huo-bi-jiang-jin-ru-hotbitjiao-yi-suo-shi-chang

Korean language https://tecra.space/kr/news-kr/tekeurakoineun-hasbis-amhohwapye-georaesoe-sangjang




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