TecraCoin Smart Deposit

Current financial trends in the last decade (for example decisions made by central banks in the European Union, United States, Japan, Australia, and many more) indicate lowering interest rates all around the world. This tendency can be noticed especially now when markets are slowly recovering from a financial turmoil caused by the pandemic crisis. This is clearly bad news for people planning on securing their capital from the unfavorable effects of inflation since they are unable to do so by saving in a bank deposit. This tendency is mostly disadvantageous for those accumulating and multiplying their savings in the most conventional way.

New product — new solution

That is why Tecra is working on solving this problem. We decided to create TecraCoin Smart Deposit. Its main objective is the optimization of accumulated capital. By putting your TecraCoins in your TCR Smart Deposit on your smartphone you will be able to increase your savings. This is a new opportunity for long-term investors who want to use their savings effectively. They will be able to multiply their capital with the higher rates compare to marginal interest rates in banks.

According to our long-term business model, by investing in our TecraCoin Smart Deposit, you can count not only on the stable profit return but also on the fact that TCR will increase in value. By that time, our investors will get a previously determined number of additional coins.

Expected return profits will vary depending on the amount of money invested as well as the duration of the deposit. Before making the deposit you can take part in an easy and accessible simulation to see if storing your coins in TCR Smart Deposit is profitable for you.

This product will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Key benefits of TecraCoin Smart Deposit

  • easily accessible [directly from your mobile version of TCR Wallet]
  • safe and protected by our own blockchain
  • the previously determined return profit

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