When the end of FIAT money? Tesla or Lambo? Is NFT a bubble? Interview with Przemysław Karda — CEO of Tecra #ChainMeNow.

#ChainMeNow is a series of interviews created by the Tecra team, featuring representatives from the blockchain world. They will present this market from different perspectives. Each interview ends with a bunch of quick questions and answers. The series begins with Przemyslaw Karda, an entrepreneur, former soldier, author of bestseller and founder of Tecra.

#ChainMeNow interviews

We would like to start with a question about Big Brother (a Polish reality show). How come that a person who starred in a Polish reality show is now supporting and improving new technology?

When did you become involved in the world of cryptocurrencies? What was the key moment?

What is it like to run a blockchain startup?

What were you most afraid of when you started running Tecra?

What advice would you give to budding CEOs in the cryptocurrency world?

How did you create a team of young people in such a niche industry?

How and where do you see Tecra in 10 years?

Is it profitable to start a business in such an industry? What kind of earnings can people in this field count on? (programmers, marketers, the whole staff)

What is the impact of social media on the cryptocurrency market?

Przemysław Karda — the founder of TecraCoin

What are the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies?

What personally annoys you the most in this market?

Have you encountered legal/regulatory issues while running a cryptocurrency business?

How to arrange remote work of programmers, marketing, accounting during a pandemic? How to organize remote work of an international team? What is the most difficult part about it?

Does educational background matter when starting a tech startup?

When is the end of FIATs?

What will a new future without paper money look like?

Is NFT a bubble or a truly new form of intellectual property ownership?

What leading industries might implement blockchain soon?

What are the three pieces of advice you would give to someone who has no idea about the cryptocurrency market but wants to start this endeavor?

  • Read industry portals.
  • Listen to real experts, not pseudo ones.
  • Synthesize knowledge and draw conclusions.

You run several companies. How do you manage your time? With such an intensive work mode, do you have time for a private life?

What would you ask Satoshi Nakomoto if you met him?

Quick Q&A

Preferences of Tecra’s CEO