Why would you invest in TecraCoin?

How can you benefit by investing in Tecra company? What is the value?

First of all, TecraCoin will be the main cryptocurrency on our upcoming investment platform so you can support your technology projects, and benefit of it. TecraCoin will give you the right to gain a profit from the projects you invest in. Any project that manages to successfully complete the fundraising (collects all the necessary funds) will be required to buy a predetermined amount of TecraCoins to burn them. In this way, the amount of TecraCoin on the market will decrease that in turn will boost the price of TecraCoin. TecraCoin is related to real projects (mainly IPR).

  • You will be offered the opportunity to create cryptocurrency deposits with outstanding interest rates, which are safer than their usual bank alternatives. Today we do not know how the bank uses our money. In the case of the next great financial crisis there might appear a huge possibility to lose all deposits. If you have a deposit in a cryptocurrency you will be always sure that you will not lose your funds.
  • Teсra guarantees reliability and safety. Thanks to its own blockchain, every investor will be able to monitor the company’s transactions and analyze the perspectives of the company’s development. It makes our investments more trusted than on the other platforms.
  • Trusted blockchain with its own consensus protocol add-on. We know that PoW (Proof of Work) is the oldest consensus protocol. We enhanced it to be dPoW (Delayed Proof of Work). The add-on relies on frequent backups to ensure that in the event of a network crash or successful attack, all data can be recovered quickly. That’s why we make sure the invested tokens won’t be counterfeited.

Tecra guarantees that the distribution of coins will be fair and legal.

  • You also have the option to buy masternode (and soon one-click masternode and shared masternode) to get more TecraCoins.
  • We make a graphene light bulb. Soon our finished products will enter the market. Then Tecra will start to make a profit on the sale, which will translate into a profit for investors. The coin is not speculative, it is linked to the real products. Of course, TecraCoin is not only the graphene bulb. It is also related to the other business projects that we hope to announce soon.
    Tecra is science, not fiction!

You can become part of an active community closely related to cryptocurrency.

Are you interested in investing?
How to buy TCR in 3 steps

  1. Visit omnibus24.net — the platform of our coin dealer
  2. Follow simple KYC steps
  3. Search & Order TecraCoins and wait for them to appear in your wallet

You can use Tecra mobile and desktop wallet.

We also signed a contract with Hotbit, where TecraCoin will be listed in Q4 2020!



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